Auslan Soul Yoga News with Irene (July 2021)

Hope you are all keeping warm and well. It’s a crazy time with the unpredictability, lockdowns , restrictions and whether to vaccinate or not.  One moment, we feel ok and then not so ok or unsure about whats happening. It is challenging to make plans only to find out that everything is postponed.

Women’s Self Care Yoga Workshop (26 June 2021)

Restorative yoga workshop with Natalie (29 May 2021)

Clay Art Workshops (Term 2 2021)

Yoga with Irene at Bendigo Deaf Hub (Term 2 – 2021)

Auslan Soul Yoga News with Irene (March 2021)

Autumn is here, my favourite season of all seasons. The changing colours, leaves letting go, gentle warm evenings, cool mornings, turning inwards and slowly withdrawing into self for winter.

Auslan Soulyoga Weekend Retreat 30 April – 2 May 2021

AUSLANSOULYOGA Autumn Weekend Retreat on 30 April – 2 May 2021

Summer Loving Sequence – Yin Yoga

Auslan Soul Yoga News with Irene (January 2021)

Start where you are…

I love this statement. Starting with being aware of yourself, your strengths, your qualities, and your unique spirit can be empowering.

Auslan Soulyoga classes in Term 1 2021