Auslansoul is a Deafled therapy/counselling practice that is culturally inclusive and language accessible for members of our Deaf community. Auslansoul is provided by Irene Holub, Deaf registered ACA counsellor, Art Therapist, Yoga Therapist/Translator.  She has had extensive experience working in the Deaf community as an educator, wellbeing facilitator, family support coordinator, early intervention leader and advocate.  Irene understands how Deaf/Hard of Hearing /DeafBlind/Late Deafened clients are shaped by their identity, experiences , Deaf trauma including other intersectionalities in their lives and believes in empowering them on their journey to mental and emotional wellbeing.

I believe that my clients have the desire and the capacity to grow towards fulfilling their full potential and that they are the experts of their own lives.  Therefore I will not give advice or offer solutions but will work with them to help them understand themselves more fully and to find their own inner resources. With greater awareness and trust in themselves, I hope that they are able to make constructive changes, leading to a more satisfying and meaningful life.” (Irene Holub)

Auslansoul offers 1:1 , group programs, workshops and retreats at various locations. Counselling is available face to face in Thornbury or via ZOOM.  Yoga and Art programs/sessions are held within metropolitian and regional locations. Updates are available via Auslansoulnews; #Auslansoul;

Auslansoul services are NDIS eligible, ensuring that Deaf/Hard of Hearing/DeafBlind can use their NDIS funding to access our culturally appropriate wellbeing programs.

Auslansoul services are NDIS eligible, ensuring that Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf/Blind can utilize their NDIS funds to access our culturally appropriate programs. Here are the specific NDIS support categories applicable to Auslansoul:

  • 03_089_0121_1_1 – Auslan Training/Translation
  • 04_104_0125_6_1 – Social and Community/Community Social and Recreational Activities
  • 09_011_0125_6_3 – Increased Social & Community/Community Participation Activities
  • 09_008_0116_6_3 – Innovative Community Participation
  • 15_037_0117_1_3 – Improved Daily Living (Individual Skills Development)
  • 15_053_0128_1_3 – Therapeutic Services (Counseling)

If you are Self/Plan Managed, you can utilize your NDIS funds for Auslansoul services under these categories. This financial support ensures that you can actively engage in our counseling and well-being programs, including Auslan training, Auslan translation, social activities, community participation, and therapeutic services ( yoga programs/retreats, art therapy sessions and wellbeing programs).

By choosing Auslansoul, you are not just embarking on a journey of self-discovery and well-being, but you are also accessing services that are tailored to your needs and covered under NDIS funding. Your path to empowerment and fulfillment starts here. Let us assist you in navigating this transformative journey with the support you deserve. Should you require more information about our services, I am available to discuss this further with you and your NDIS support team.