Art Therapy

Art Therapy is about creating art to understand your feelings, express yourself and deal with stress. Sometimes, it is hard to talk about how you feel but art can help. You don’t have to be an “artist” to do art therapy. Anyone can try it and feel better.

Auslansoul Art Therapy offers a safe space where you can be creative and express yourself. Doing art can help to make you feel better because it lets you show your emotions, think about how you are feeling and relax.

Art Therapy can help in different ways:

  • helping you if feeling anxious, negative or sad.
  • learn how to deal with problems
  • talking about important events in your life
  • dealing with negativity
  • developing and strengthening your inner creativity, awareness and self esteem
  • learn how to get along better with people in your life

I offer 1:1 or group sessions in Thornbury or at selected venues.

May be eligible for NDIS funding for self /plan managed participants. Refer to Auslansoul page for NDIS eligibility.

Check What’s On – Irene Holub for updates on current group programs or art workshops