Education is empowering, language is freedom, accessibility is equality.

I understand the challenges families of deaf children and members of Deaf community trying to navigate the journey regarding NDIS, Education and Auslan.

I have provided educational leadership, support and programs in primary and secondary mainstream settings, early intervention/early childhood, specialist, regional/central administration, TAFE and community. I have undertaken the role of a Visiting Teacher, Early Intervention Teacher, LOTE teacher, Teacher of the Deaf ,Yoga , Wellbeing and Art Coordinator within different schools and programs.  I have represented as a board member for Deaf Victoria, Deaf Australia and Arts Access Victoria where I was active as an advocate and policy maker for Deaf Australians. I also advocated for Deaf youth and families with young deaf children.

I have extensive experience in providing NDIS consulting services for families and Deaf community.

I worked as a language consultant and Auslan translator for community services, art galleries and Deaf community.

As a Deaf consultant, I offer:

  • Auslan translation/language consultancy services
    • Translation of English text usually presented on video or face to face.
    • Language consultancy support for Deaf translators
    • Language/cultural consultancy support for Interpreters
  • Advocacy
    • Advocacy information support for Deaf clients
    • Advocacy information support for families of deaf children
  • Educational consultancy services
    • Consultancy support services for families of deaf children wanting to know about available educational pathways
    • Consultancy services for educational services with enrolled deaf student(s)
  • NDIS support
    • Translation/advocacy/linkages services for NDIS/NDIA participants

These services may be reimbursed via NDIS or NDIA participants.

Time/Date negotiable. Pricing are based on NDIS price guide 2021/2022.

Consultancy services may be offered via online or face to face.

Please contact me for more information.

I am a registered NDIS service provider for 0116 Innovative Community Participation and 0121 Interpret/Translate.