Auslan Soul Yoga News with Irene (March 2021)

Autumn is here, my favourite season of all seasons. The changing colours, leaves letting go, gentle warm evenings, cool mornings, turning inwards and slowly withdrawing into self for winter.

Auslan Soulyoga Weekend Retreat 30 April – 2 May 2021

AUSLANSOULYOGA Autumn Weekend Retreat on 30 April – 2 May 2021

Summer Loving Sequence – Yin Yoga

Auslan Soul Yoga News with Irene (January 2021)

Start where you are…

I love this statement. Starting with being aware of yourself, your strengths, your qualities, and your unique spirit can be empowering.

Auslan Soulyoga classes in Term 1 2021

Auslan Soulyoga classes in December 2020

Auslan Soul Yoga News with Irene (November)

Happy November! What a strange year with the lockdowns, social isolation and zoom contacts.

Auslan Soul Yoga News with Irene (October)

Hello beautiful humans!

Happy October! The weather is beginning to warm up after a long winter. The trees are waking up and opening their hearts with flowers and leaves.

Auslan Soul YogaNews with Irene (September)

Hello friends near and far,

Happy Spring Day! Today is the first day of everyday. It is a blessing to feel the growing warmth of our sunshine. Sending you some loving sunshine from my humble home.