Auslansoulyoga news ( Summer 2022)

Hope you are all keeping warm and well. It’s a crazy time with the unpredictability, lockdowns , restrictions and whether to vaccinate or not.  One moment, we feel ok and then not so ok or unsure about whats happening. It is challenging to make plans only to find out that everything is postponed.

Hello beautiful humans,   ( Auslan version of Auslansoulyoga news Term1 2022)

May you be happy, safe and at peace.  This is one of my favorite time of year just after the silly season when the pace of life slows down. I use this time to reflect, remember and cherish those who have left this world and daydream about nothing. It is also a good time to wrap up and organise all the ends and bits of life in readiness for the new year.  

Did you make a new year resolution?  If not this year, you may have once made a New Year resolution.  What were they all about?  Most people would make a resolution to change something about themselves. Be happier, more kind, lose weight, give up smoking, more time for art etc.

These are yang resolutions – to change something about yourself or your life. They can be good intentions but we need to look at our yin intentions too.  Yin is about accepting, allowing, stillness, enjoying the present moment and doing small everyday tasks as if they were rewarding tasks.  Yang is about change, movement, passion , accomplishing and achieving great outcomes.  We are constantly reminded by our society and culture to change, to improve to seek what we don’t have and fix problems we do have.  We feel we are not perfect. Where does this comes from?   Trying to change ( yang) without considering what we already have ( yin) is likely to fail.

Is there inside you that you can simply accept and not try to change?  All those years trying to change, select something of yourself  that allows you to be.

Resolve is another way of creating a sense of willingness to grow rather than using willpower.  Resolve is Sankalpa  – San means born from the heart and kalpa means unfolding over time. ( Richard Miller – Yoga Nidra: The Meditative Heart of Yoga).  An authentic intention comes from the heart. It comes from what is that life wants  which is different to what I want.  It can be challenging to know exactly what this may be for you.

You can try by :-

  1. Sit in a comfortable position
  2. Welcome the feeling within your body that expresses what you most desire in life
  3. Write down the words that best reflect your heart’s desire. Use words that are in present tense and positive. E.g.  I am….
  4. Create a statement e.g. I am going to ….

“ I resolve to appreciate myself”

“ I resolve not to have any resolutions”

“ I resolve to accept my yoga limitations”

“ I resolve not to do yoga as a new year resolution”

There are many ways of learning how to “resolve”. Most importantly is the willingness to explore and connect with your heart. You are all unique with one heart xxx

What will 2022 bring?

There are a few plans happening for Auslansoulyoga – Yoga retreats  at The Farmhouse ( March 25th – 28th ) and The Sanctuary ( October 8th – 14th), Yoga workshops in Daylesford and Thornbury after April, Weekly/online classes at Thornbury studio with some Saturday classes for this term.  I have a few weekend commitments for Yoga Therapy and other interests so will offer four Saturday morning sessions. They will focus on Introduction to Yoga which includes asanas ( movements), pranayamas ( breathwork), meditation, yogic philosophy and different yoga styles. Please check dates as not all Saturdays will be available.

I am available for 1:1 either at Thornbury Studio or ZOOM.  This can help you to develop yoga practice, understand more about yoga and try out different yoga programs.  If interested, contact me to discuss this further.

Term 1

SLOW FLOW – 2nd Feb to 6th April Wednesdays 6pm  ZOOM/or At Thornbury Studio

Introduction to Yoga Workshop  9am to 10.30 am  ZOOM or Thornbury Studio

5th Feb and 12th Feb

5th March and 19th March

Additional Yoga/Art workshops to be confirmed at end of term 1. 

Namaste x Irene