Auslan Soul Yoga News with Irene (October)

Hello beautiful humans!

Happy October! The weather is beginning to warm up after a long winter. The trees are waking up and opening their hearts with flowers and leaves.
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Welcome to Auslansoulyoga 

Hello beautiful humans!

Happy October! The weather is beginning to warm up after a long winter. The trees are waking up and opening their hearts with flowers and leaves. Bees are buzzing. Little seedlings are sprouting green speckles throughout the garden. Lots of energy is required for the earth to wake up and give birth to zillions of lifeforms. We are all slowly waking up from our winter of hibernation and uncertainty.

Spring is an opportunity for renewal and birth. We can plant seeds, witness the growth, and change and celebrate the here and now.  Spring cleaning is a positive way of cleaning out old energy by opening windows, cleansing our bodies with fresh vegies/fruits, reorganising stuff in our house and removing things we do not need. We can set new intentions – try something new, work in the garden, wake up earlier, create a new routine.  We can be playful. Create art without expecting what it should be. Be kind to ourselves. Dance, run, skip – it can be silly and happy.

“Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be” ( author unknown) . Yoga is a wonderful practice to deepen our awareness and observe the beauty of change within ourselves. We observe how our body respond to the movements and breath. Pranayama ( breath exercises) is helpful cleansing our body with deeper breaths increasing the quality of energy in us. I enjoy doing Nadi Shodhana or alternate nostril breathing which can help to settle mind, body and emotions and clears the energetic channels. It is like spring cleaning your body, breath and mind by cleaning out toxins, balancing the right and left brain hemispheres and cleansing the energetic channels.  You can try out this practice with a few rounds increasing to 10 or more rounds.

  • Sit in a meditative seated pose or in a comfortable posture, keeping the back straight and your heart is open.
  • Place your left hand on knee with thumb middle finger (gyan mudra of knowledge) or flat hand.
  • Take a few long slow deep breath.
  • Fold middle and pointer fingers down ( shown on illustration).Close your left nostril with your  ring finger.
  • Inhale from your right nostril slowly ( you can count up to 3 to 6 which ever is your comfort zone)
  • Close your right nostril with your right thumb. Pause ( both nostrils are closed)
  • Open your left nostril and exhale slowly
  • Inhale slowly through your left nostril. Close your left nostril with your ring finger. Pause ( both nostrils are closed briefly)
  • Open your right nostril and exhale your breath slowly through the right side.
  • Inhale from your right nostril and close with thumb. Pause and then open your left nostril and exhale.

  • Repeat 5 – 10 cycles, allow your mind to focus on the inhales and exhales.
  • Move your hand away from the face and exhale from both nostrils. Stay for a few breaths.

Term 4 Auslansoulyoga classes

This term, Auslansoulyoga will  offer a range of yoga classes  (Via Zoom) including

  • Slow flow(weekly) – gentle movements with focus on breath, body and energy.
  • Chair yoga ( fortnightly) alternating with lovely Natalie Sandon Stanhope and myself – suitable for all abilities.
  • Meditation (monthly) – learn different techniques of meditation.
  • Yin Yoga ( monthly)  is a deep relaxing yoga with props (blankets, cushions, eye pillow).
  • Yoga for beginners with Bendigo Deaf Hub for six weeks on Tuesdays 5pm ( Face to face in Bendigo).

We hope to offer a yoga day retreat ( face to face) in November but this depends on the restrictions and what we can offer. We will confirm by November if this will go ahead or not.

See the flyer for more information

Term 4 fees (Same as term 3 fees)

Online Studio Price

New Students
• New Student 30 days UNLIMITED … $50 (This includes all classes and workshops)

• Online Casual Yoga Class … $ 20

Term Passes
• $85 for five passes
• $150 for ten passes
• $200 for unlimited passes for whole term

No workshops at this stage

To be confirmed.
Individual one to one yoga sessions ( online or face to face)
Time/Date negotiable. Pricing are based on NDIS price guide 2020/2021

Please note that the yoga fees for classes and individual sessions may be reimbursed via NDIS.

Payment may be paid via bank transfer. Please contact me for more information.