Auslan Soul Yoga News with Irene (January 2021)

Start where you are…

I love this statement.  Starting with being aware of yourself, your strengths, your qualities, and your unique spirit can be empowering.

Hello beautiful humans!

Start where you are…

I love this statement.  Starting with being aware of yourself, your strengths, your qualities, and your unique spirit can be empowering. When we feel something missing and think “only if we have or had this, then we would be complete.” That may be your ego( mind/habits) talking and it’s not always real. When we acknowledge ourselves breathing, feeling and appreciating the little beauties around us, this is more real and this can helps us to create a sense of connection with our life.

However, our minds can be like the muddy waters and it can be difficult at times to see anything clearly. When we sit still for a while, the mud settles and out of the blue, a thought appears revealing itself like a lotus. Judith Hanson Lasater quoted “ May we live like the lotus, at home in the muddy water.”  Without mud, there is no lotus.

Where to start when everything looks muddy? Creating a sankalpa which is like an intention/goal/resolve or embracing what you have.  You can create an intention in present tense and repeat this daily. Eg. “ I am at peace, I am whole, I am here with myself…” Sankalpa is a Sankrit word  – San is an idea formed in the heart. Kalpa is “the rule that I will follow above all other rules”.  Repeating your sankalpa can help the mind to settle and allow the deeper thoughts to appear.  It then informs our mind which direction we need to take or are taking in our lives.

Morning is a good time to develop a sankalpa practice.  Our minds are less noisy. Open your eyes slowly and in that moment, allow your sankalpa to appear in your thoughts. Keep it short and in present tense. Repeat this three time.  You may want to place your hand on your heart, reminding yourself that you are here with yourself.  Inhale and exhale a few times – long and deep. Allow the bubbling of light from your heart to spread throughout your body.  Believe it and repeat your sankalpa with your heartfelt desire.

Practising sankalpa in your yoga practice can help you to be friends with yourself. It encourages us to sit still quietly and overcome the fear of being alone with ourselves. Sankalpa encourages us to dig deeper within ourselves to connect to our dharma ( our life’ purpose).

Term 1 news

What is happening for Auslansoulyoga this term. With the easing of restrictions, face to face yoga sessions is now available at Thornbury studio including classes, workshops, and individual sessions. I will offer both ZOOM and face to face classes for most of the yoga sessions. 
I will also be offering regular art workshops beginning with a hand building clay workshop at lovely Daylesford.  

Healthy spines means healthy lives. Natalie Sandon Stanhope will also be offering a very special yoga program that focus on spinal alignment in different poses. This will be offered as a six weeks program. Suitable for beginners and yoginis.

Individual one to one yoga sessions are now available face to face at Thornbury Studio or via ZOOM.

Due to the current situation and the uncertainty, I will only offer local weekend retreats this year. The first weekend yoga retreat will be at the Farmhouse, Gordon (about 1.15 mins drive from Melbourne) from 30th of April to 2nd May. PM me if you are interested.

TERM 1 Dates / Classes (February – April 2021)

Whats happening this month?, Auslansoulyoga will offer a range of yoga classes ( Via zoom) including

  • Slow Flow  Yoga  – Tuesdays 6pm via ZOOM  from Feb 2nd to 30th of March . This also includes access to Thornbury studio if you prefer face to face.  $20 per class or term pass ( $160 for 9 passes)
  • Bendigo Yoga at Deaf Hub – Wednesdays Fortnightly 5pm ( No cost for regional attendees)   Feb 10th and 24th  /   March 10th and 24th
  • Yin Yoga Workshop – Sunday 9.30am to 10.45am  February 28th  $ 20  (Available via ZOOM and face to face in Thornbury Studio)
  • Spinal Alignment Yoga Course with Natalie Sandon Stanhope – Saturdays 9.30am to 10.45am  from March 6th to April 17th ( no class on April 3rd) – $120  Each session will focus on different yoga poses for spinal alignment – suitable for beginners and yogis.
  • Save the Date – Yoga Weekend Retreat at the Farmhouse, Gordon ( About 1.15 mins drive from Melbourne). April 30th to May 2nd. More information will be forthcoming.
  • Handbuilding Clay Workshop with Irene at Clayspace, Daylesford.  Saturday 27th March 10am to 2pm $ 120 including materials and refreshments. This activity will include an introduction on how to work with clay and to build a hanging pot plant holder or bowl.

For more information, it can be found on the website here.

TERM 1 fees

Online Studio Price

New Students
• New Student 30 days UNLIMITED … $50
( This includes all classes and workshops)

• Online Casual Yoga Class … $ 20

Term Passes
(This includes all classes and workshops except for the Spinal Alignment Yoga) – $160

Yin Yoga Workshop – Cooling and Calming Yin Yoga Sequence for Summer Retreats

April 30th to May 2nd at the Farmhouse, Gordon. More information to be forthcoming.

Individual one to one yoga sessions ( online or face to face)
Time/Date negotiable. Pricing are based on NDIS price guide 2020/2021

Please note that the yoga fees for classes and individual sessions may be reimbursed via NDIS.

Payment may be paid via bank transfer. Please contact me for more information.

Take care and be kind to yourselves.
You are all precious. xxx

Namaste Irene xxx